120 Seeds of the 12 Tasty Peppers of the World - Collection Gourmet


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Often I was asked which were the best and tastiest chillies in the world, so I decided to bring together in this Collection of Seeds, which I called the Gourmet Collection, all the chilli seeds that were not simply the hottest but the tastiest to eat, for all Spicy Gourmets. In this collection you will therefore find Chili Peppers for every dish from Pasta and Pizza to Meat, Fish, Vegetables, to make Sauces, Spicy Oil, Spicy Powders and delicious Stuffed Chili Peppers.


To find the right inspiration for your Spicy Dishes, take a look at the Spicy and Non Spicy Recipes page.


None of these seeds are GMOs.


They are Seeds that I personally produced with my small individual company "Semi Strani di Carlo Martini" which produces Seeds with "Tuscany Regional Authorization 6170", therefore the Seeds are subjected to genetic checks to ensure the purity of what you buy, without therefore risking no rip-off on the quality of the seeds and on the plants that these seeds will really give you. The seeds were produced during the last summer in Pistoia, Toscana, Italy, therefore they are very fresh and totally made in Italy, you can sow them within 2 years of receipt and if you keep them in the fridge they will remain viable for at least 10 years.


If you need info on Germination and Cultivation here is the Guide to the Cultivation of the Spiciest Chillies in the World.


Here is the single description of each Chili Pepper of this Gourmet Collection:


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Lemon Reaper (Capsicum Chinense): this Chilli is an exclusive cross of the undersigned Carlo Martini, I wanted to create a Chilli that was not yet another super hot but a Pepper that was very spicy but above all very tasty and so I have crossed the delicious Aji Lemon, which you obviously find in this Collection, with the Carolina Reaper, the hottest chili pepper in the world, and this delicious fruit with a bizarre shape and straw yellow color came out. The spiciness is high and is around 500,000 Shu.


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Fatalii (Capsicum Chinense): a delicious Chili pepper of African origin, intermediate in color between yellow and orange. It boasts an intense aroma with an aftertaste of citrus and exotic fruits, a real gem for connoisseurs, it is part of the Habanero family therefore it is very spicy around 300,000 Shu, it is used to make sauces and accompany fish dishes. It is considered by many to be the best chili in the world!


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Habanero Chocolate (Capsicum Chinense): with an intense and explosive flavor, it combines joyfully with meats, Mexican cuisine and beans. Like all brown Peppers, it has a slightly bitter taste and an almost smoked, exquisite aftertaste. I consider it an unmissable classic and together with Bhut Jolokia Chocolate (which is however extremely spicy) my favorite chocolate. Like all Habanero, it has an important spiciness that is around 300,000 Shu.


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Habanero Madame Jeanette (Capsicum Chinense)


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Piri Piri African Devil (Capsicum Frutescens)


- 10 Isoladet Seeds of Aji Charapita (Capsicum Chinense)


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Aji Lemon (Capsicum Baccatum): one of my favorite Chili Peppers, also called Lemon Drop or Hot Lemon, is originally from Peru, with a yellow conical shape, spicy but not too much on the 50,000 Shu, with a citrus aftertaste. The plant like all Aji is very large and full of fruit. Anyone who loves spicy must have a plant of this delicious Chilli, among other things father of my Lemon Reaper, also part of this splendid Gourmet Collection.


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Acratà el Viagra Natural (Capsicum Annuum): I begin the description by saying that for years I consider it my favorite Chili Pepper, it is originally from Venezuela and its name means "free, anarchist", the fruits grow facing high and go from dark green, almost black, to fiery red at the moment of ripening. In my humble opinion, one of the best chillies in the world, therefore unmissable for all those who love spicy. It is considered very aphrodisiac, hence the name, is spicy in the right way, therefore not excessively but not even slightly, around 50,000 - 100,000 Shu, it produces a hernome harvest and is suitable to make any dish spicy, particularly suitable, in my opinion , to be eaten fresh on Pizza and Pasta, also suitable for making spicy oil and spicy powders. A characteristic note of the plant, which can even reach 2 meters in height, is a curious hair on the leaves.


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Diavolicchio Calabrese (Capsicum Annuum): it is the most spicy of Peppers in the Mediterranean area, the fruit is small and facing upwards, the plant is bushy and produces many fruits, the flavor is excellent and the spiciness is determined even if she has only 50,000 Shu. Among the Chillies that do not fall into the Super Hot category, for me this, together with the Acratà, remains the best because it is suitable for any dish you want to make spicy. This aromatic herb has many beneficial properties including the cleaning of the arteries and the reduction of cholesterol. In the kitchen it is particularly suitable for pasta with garlic, oil and chilli pepper, pizza diavola and spicy oil. An absolutely inevitable classic.


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Cayenna Joe Long (Capsicum Annuum)


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Jalapeno (Capsicum Annuum): it is an exquisite Chili pepper of Mexican origin, one of the best known thanks to its versatility and its little spiciness, about 15,000 Shu, which makes it a little appreciated by everyone. Many historians consider it the oldest chili in the world so much so that the Aztecs cultivated it in Mexico before the arrival of the Spaniards. Cristofero Colombo himself, on his second trip to the Americas, returned to Europe with a Peperoncino plant, which over time was called La Spezia del Popolo, as it is inexpensive and easy to grow, some historians say that Columbus returned with a other Jalapeno plant which returned with a Habanero Orange plant. Gourmets eat it green, just before it turns red it must be detached from the plant. Usually it is sliced ​​and put in oil or in vinegar after which it is used in salads, on pizza, in hamburgers or as an aperitif. Another very popular recipe is to fill it with cheese and roll around it a slice of bacon or bacon, seared a little on the grill, it will become a fantastic aperitif to be enjoyed with a good glass of red wine.


- 10 Isolated Seeds of Calabrese Round Chili Pepper (Capsicum Annuum): it is round in shape, slightly spicy around 5,000 Shu, famous in Italian cuisine for being stuffed with tuna, anchovies or capers. Another unmissable classic.



Having said that it goes without saying that it is a very precious Collection of Chili Seeds obtained with years of passion and that will be highly appreciated by anyone who loves spicy, but also by those who love gardening, since these are beautiful plants that are easy to manage even on a small terrace. In this Gourmet Collection, as you can see, we have all the bands of spicy flavors ranging from Red, Chocolate and Yellow Peppers.


This my Gourmet Collection of Semi Strani can be found in the various marketplaces all over the web but only in my Shop you can find it at special price!

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