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The Jalapeno is an exquisite chilli pepper of Mexican origin, one of the best known thanks to its versatility and its little spiciness (about 15,000 Shu) which makes it appreciated by everyone.


Many historians consider it the oldest chili in the world, so much so that the Aztecs cultivated it in Mexico before the arrival of the Spaniards. The same Cristofero Colombo, on his second trip to the Americas, returned to Europe with a Chili pepper plant, which over time, was named The Spice of the People, as it was inexpensive and easy to grow, some historians say that Columbus came back with a Jalapeno plant, others think that he came back with a plant of Habanero Orange.


Gourmets eat it green, just before it turns red it must be detached from the plant. It is usually sliced ​​and put in oil or vinegar after which it is used in salads, on pizza, in hamburgers or as an aperitif. Another very popular recipe is to fill it with cheese and roll around it a slice of bacon or bacon, lightly scalded on the grill, it will become a fantastic aperitif to be enjoyed with a good glass of red wine. To get the recipes in detail see the Spicy Recipes page.


A sachet of this Chili Pepper, which is a piece of history, contains 10 Isolated Seeds and will guarantee you an excellent harvest.


Jalapeno - Capsicum Annuum - 15,000 Shu

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