120 Seeds of the 12 most Classic and Hot Chillies - Classic Collection


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The Classic Collection of Semi Strani di Carlo Martini


In this Collection I have collected 12 of the best varieties of Chillies, from the spiciest to the tastiest, those that I consider Classic Chillies and therefore inevitable.


None of these seeds are GMOs.


They are Seeds that I personally produced with my small individual company "Semi Strani di Carlo Martini" that produces Seeds with "Regional Authorization Toscana 6170", therefore the Seeds are subjected to genetic checks to ensure the purity of what you buy, without therefore risking no rip-off on the quality of the seeds and on the plants that these seeds will really give you. The seeds were produced during the last summer in Pistoia, therefore they are very fresh and totally made in Italy, you can sow them within 2 years of receipt and if you keep them in the fridge they will remain viable for at least 10 years.


If you need info on Germination and Cultivation here is the Guide to the Cultivation of the Spiciest Chillies in the World.


Here is the single description of each Chili Pepper in this Classic Collection:


- 10 Pure Seeds of Carolina Reaper Red (Capsicum Chinense): entered the Guinness Book of Records as the HOTTEST CHILLI PEPPER IN THE WORLD in December 2013: a bomb that detaches your tongue from your mouth, makes you sweat and feel spicy up to your nostrils and the ears. Originally from South Carolina, it is a cross between an Indian Naga and a Mexican Red Habanero. It boasts an incredible 2,200,000 SHU record.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Yellow (Capsicum Chinense): a powerful fragrance and a huge harvest, it originates from the Moruga district in the Caribbean of Trinidad and Tobago. It was elected the hottest chili pepper in the world in 2011 and ousted only by the Carolina Reaper at the end of 2013, it is therefore currently considered (in its red variant, while this is the yellow variant), the second hottest chili pepper in the world on the scale from Scoville. This yellow variant is more fruity, suitable for cheeses, fish and vegetarian dishes.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Bhut Jolokia Red (Capsicum Chinense / Capsicum Frutescens): powerful Indian Chilli, known in the West as Ghost Chili, a classic in the USA where it is consumed a lot. Its name means "Cobra Pepper" because it bites like the famous snake. It was elected in 2007 as the hottest in the world and maintained the title until 2011 when it was beaten by the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and later by the Carolina Reaper, so as you can see, in this Classic Collection you will have the first 3 hottest Chillies in the World according to the official ranking of the Scala di Scoville. Its peculiarity in addition to the beauty of the form is the fact that it is the only known hybrid between Capsicum Chinense and Capsicum Frutescens, which makes it one of the most beautiful and good Peppers in the world, just a must-see Classic.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Pink Tiger (Capsicum Chinense)


- 10 Pure Seeds of Habanero Chocolate (Capsicum Chinense): with an intense and explosive flavor, it combines joyfully with meats, Mexican cuisine and beans. Like all brown Peppers, it has a slightly bitter taste and an almost smoky, exquisite aftertaste.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Habanero Orange (Capsicum Chinense), with a remarkable spiciness that reaches the tongue after a few seconds, as I say "with a delayed burst". It is the oldest of the Habanero and the most consumed chili in Mexico together with Jalapeno, which is also found in this collection. It has a sweetish aftertaste, excellent for arrabiata pasta, pizza and Asian cuisine, take a look at the Spicy Recipes.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Scotch Bonnet (Capsicum Chinense): much loved in the United States, perfect for humburgers and meat sauces. It is a very prolific plant and the fruits are large and fleshy, a real delicacy, the most daring make them stuffed with cheese, but it takes the mouth of asbestos.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Jamaican Red Hot Pepper (Capsicum Chinense)


- 10 Pure Seeds of Acratà el Viagra Natural (Capsicum Annuum)


- 10 Pure Seeds of Diavolicchio Calabrese (Capsicum Annuum)


- 10 Pure Seeds of Jalapeno (Capsicum Annuum), not very spicy and therefore tolerable by everyone, well known for its flavor, taste and versatility. Many scholars believe it to be the oldest chili pepper in the world, so much so that the Aztecs cultivated it in Mexico even before the Spanish arrived. Cristofero Colombo returned with a Chili Plant from his second trip to the Americas, with what then went down in history as the "People's Spice", there have been many debates about what the plant with which Columbus returned was, some say the Jalapeno and others the Habanero Orange, probably we will never know but surely it was one of these two, whose Seeds are both present in this super collection. Gourmets eat Jalapeno when it is still green, in fact it is usually detached from the plant just before it turns red. Numerous recipes with this classic Pepper that you can find here Spicy Recipes, remember, just to make your mouth water, that the Jalapeno can be made in slices to be put in oil or in vinegar and then use them as finger food, in salads, on pizza or in hamburgers. Another famous recipe is the one with which they are stuffed with cheese and then rolled in bacon, seared a little on the grill, they become a delicious and original aperitif to be enjoyed with a nice red wine.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Peperoncino Calabrese Round (Capsicum Annum) from Calabria, Italy, classic stuffed chili pepper, excellent with anchovies and capers.


To realize the power of these chillies consider that the Scoville scale (abbreviated as SHU) gives the value of the spiciness of each individual plant, to make a comparison the classic Cayenne Red Chili that you can find in any supermarket, reaches a maximum of 30,000 SHU.




01) CAROLINA REAPER RED:                           2.200.000 SHU
03) BHUT JOLOKIA RED:                                 1.000.000 SHU
04) PINK TIGER:                                               300.000 SHU
05) HABANERO CHOCOLATE:                             300.000 SHU
06) HABANERO ORANGE:                                   300.000 SHU
07) SCOTCH BONNET:                                       300.000 SHU
08) JAMAICAN RED HOT PEPPER:                        200.000 SHU
09) ACRATA' EL VIAGRA NATURAL:                       50.000 SHU
10) DIAVOLICCHIO CALABRESE:                           50.000 SHU
11) JALAPENO:                                                    15.000 SHU
12) PEPERONCINO TONDO CALABRESE:                  5.000 SHU


Having said that it goes without saying that it is a very precious Collection of Chili Seeds obtained with years of passion and that will be highly appreciated by anyone who loves spicy, but also by those who love gardening, since they are beautiful plants that are easy to manage even on a small terrace. In this Classic Collection, as you can see, we have both the Super Hot Chillies, the Indian Chillies, the Mexican Habanero and finally the exquisite stuffed Chillies such as the delicious Jalapeno to be filled with bacon and cheese and the delicious Tondo Calabrese, both slightly spicy suitable for all palates. In short, all the bands and flavors of Spicy, a Complete Collection with specimens from all over the World: the United States, India, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Jamaica and Italy.



The Classic Collection of Chili Seeds are Capsicum Chinense and Capsicum Annuum.

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