120 Seeds of the 12 Tasty Peppers of Mexico - The Mexican Collection


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I have collected in this Collection the 12 tastiest types of Chili Peppers from Latin America, especially from Mexico, as we know the homeland of spicy food. You will receive 10 Seeds per type for a total of 120 Seeds divided into comfortable tear-off plastic bags with labels in accordance with the law.


None of these seeds are GMOs.


They are Seeds that I personally produced with my small individual company "Semi Strani di Carlo Martini" which produces Seeds with "Tuscany Regional Authorization 6170", therefore the Seeds are subjected to genetic checks to ensure the purity of what you buy, without therefore risking no rip-off on the quality of the seeds and on the plants that these seeds will really give you. The seeds were produced during the last summer in Pistoia, Toscana, Italy, therefore they are very fresh and totally made in Italy, you can sow them within 2 years from the moment you receive them.


If it is the first time that you put a Seed on the ground, do not worry, following the Guide to the Cultivation of the Hottest Chili Peppers in the World, you will certainly succeed, also for any assistance to Cultivation, join our mythical super group of Facebook Semi Strani and you will have no problems.


Now let's move on to the description of the Seeds that this Mexican Collection includes:


- 10 Pure Seeds of Habanero Red Savina (Capsicum Chinense): with direct spiciness as a blade and excellent in pasta sauces, pizza and Mexican cuisine. The appearance is bright red with the famous heart shape and the aftertaste of pepper. Entered the Guinness Book of Records in the 90s as "The Spiciest Chili Pepper in the World" it was ousted after many years by Bhut Jolokia, then by Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and then again by the current Champion the legendary Carolina Reaper. It is the most powerful of the many types of Habanero.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Habanero Chocolate (Capsicum Chinense): with an intense and explosive flavor, it combines joyfully with Meat, Mexican Cuisine, Sandwiches and Beans. Like all brown Peppers, it has a slightly bitter taste and an almost smoky aftertaste. Exquisite.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Habanero Orange (Capsicum Chinense): with a remarkable spiciness that reaches the tongue after a few seconds, as I say "with a delayed burst". It is the oldest of the Habanero and the most consumed chili in Mexico together with Jalapeno. It has a sweetish aftertaste, excellent for pasta all'arrabbiata, pizza, Asian and Mexican cuisine, if you are not afraid of watering it is also notable when eaten raw.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Habanero Mustard (Capsicum Chinense): very spicy variety that offers large harvests, the fruits are large and wrinkled, when ripe they reach a color that goes from yellow to mustard. Very tasty, they have a fruity aftertaste reminiscent of citrus fruits, it is considered by many to be the best of Habaneros and is still relatively rare. It is the best among Habaneros to prepare Super Spicy Sauces.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Fatalii (Capsicum Chinense): a delicious Chili pepper of African origin with an intermediate color between yellow and orange. It boasts an intense aroma with citrus and exotic fruit aftertaste, a true connoisseur gem belongs to the Habanero family, it is used to make sauces and accompany fish dishes.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Pimenta da Neyde (Capsicum Chinense): tasty Brazilian purple pepper.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Rocoto Yellow Canario (Capsicum Pubescens): delicious Chili pepper with characteristic black colored seeds, much loved in the United States where it is eaten in bites together with sandwiches, especially Hot Dogs.


- 10 Pure Seeds of the legendary Acrata el Viagra Natural (Capsicum Annuum): Chili pepper originating in Venezuela, known in the West as Goat's Weed, its name means "Anarchist" because the fruit grows upwards, it is considered very aphrodisiac. The flavor is very tasty and not fruity which allows it to be successfully combined with raw meat and fish. One of my favourites !


- 10 Pure Seeds of the legendary Chupetinho (Capsicum Chinense): as small as it is powerful, fiery red and very tasty.


- 10 Pure Seeds of the legendary Tabasco (Capsicum Frutescens): Chili pepper known all over the world thanks to the famous Tabasco sauce which is made with this variety. It has a spiciness that is concentrated in the middle of the tongue and is suitable for any dish. The fruits are delicious, small and with a color that varies from dark orange to fiery red. Having a nice Tabasco plant on the terrace and making a nice spicy sauté or the sauce for a Pizza alla Diavola directly with the fresh fruits that have just been detached from the plant, is really quite another thing than using the usual cayenne, believe me.


- 10 Pure Seeds of the exquisite Jalapeno (Capsicum Annuum): it is an exquisite Chili pepper of Mexican origin, one of the best known thanks to its versatility and its little spiciness, about 15,000 Shu, which makes it appreciated by all a little. Many historians consider it the oldest chili in the world so much so that the Aztecs cultivated it in Mexico before the arrival of the Spaniards. Cristofero Colombo himself, on his second trip to the Americas, returned to Europe with a Peperoncino plant, which over time was called La Spezia del Popolo, as it is inexpensive and easy to grow, some historians say that Columbus returned with a other Jalapeno plant which returned with a Habanero Orange plant. Gourmets eat it green, just before it turns red it must be detached from the plant. Usually it is sliced ​​and put in oil or in vinegar after which it is used in salads, on pizza, in hamburgers or as an aperitif. Another very popular recipe is to fill it with cheese and roll around it a slice of bacon or bacon, seared a little on the grill, it will become a fantastic aperitif to be enjoyed with a good glass of red wine.


- 10 Pure Seeds of Pasilla Bajo (Capsicum Annuum): with huge fruits of a slightly spicy brown color, famous for making us the exquisite Chipotle Sauce.


To realize the power of these Chillies, consider that the Scoville scale (abbreviated as SHU) gives the value of the spiciness of each individual plant ... to make a comparison, consider that, the classic Cayenne Red Chilli that you can find everywhere, arrives at most 30,000 SHU.


However, this Mexican collection is not so sought after for its spiciness, even if the Habaneros have nothing to envy to the super hot Carolina Reaper and Scorpion, but for the aromas and taste that these varieties, so loved in Mexico and in the rest of America Latina, they will know how to make your dishes.





01) HABANERO RED SAVINA:           577.000 SHU

02) HABANERO CHOCOLATE:           300,000 SHU

03) FATALII:                                   300.000 SHU

04) HABANERO ORANGE:                 300,000 SHU

05) HABANERO MUSTARD:               300,000 SHU

06) PIMENTA DA NEYDE:                  250,000 SHU

07) ROCOTO YELLOW CANARY:          60,000 SHU

08) CHUPETINHO:                             50,000 SHU

09) ACRATA:                                     50,000 SHU

10) TABASCO:                                   50,000 SHU

11) JALAPENO:                                  15,000 SHU

12) PASILLA BAJO:                              2,500 SHU


Having said that it goes without saying that it is a very precious collection of Chili Seeds obtained with years of passion and that will be appreciated by anyone who loves spicy and Mexico, but also by those who love gardening, since they are beautiful and easy plants management also on a small terrace. If you want the hottest chili peppers in the world I suggest other collections, but if you want the tastiest one, this together with the Gourmet Chili Seed Collection is the right one.


This Mexican Collection of Semi Strani by Carlo Martini can be found in the various marketplaces around the web but only on my site you will find it at the discounted price !

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