Habanero Red Savina


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I think Habanero Red Savina is the most beautiful and tasty of the Habaneros. It is very well known because it is officially the spiciest among the Habanero thanks to its 576,000 Shu, moreover it is particularly pleasing to the ornamental level because, besides a huge harvest, it produces these beautiful fire-red fruits, the smooth skin, the famous shape with a peppery aftertaste.


The Habanero Red Savina boasts a direct spiciness like a blade, excellent in pasta sauces, on pizza, in Mexican cuisine, for spicy powders and spicy oil, but also delicious to be enjoyed fresh in slices.


He entered the Guinness Book of World Records in the 1990s as "The Hottest Chili in the World" and was then ousted many years later by the equally legendary Bhut Jolokia. Another inevitable classic.


A photo is by Fabio Simonetti and one by Luca Giacomuzzi.


A packet of this super hot treat contains 10 Isolated Seeds that will guarantee you a huge harvest.


Habanero Red Savina - Capsicum Chinense - 300,000 Shu

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