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COLLECTION OF 200 RARE TOMATO SEEDS RICH IN NUTRIENT SUBSTANCES in 20 VARIETIES: GIANT ITALIAN TOMATO, BLACK KRIM, GREEN ZEBRA, INDIGO ROSE, CHEROKEE PURPLE, OX HEART, COSTOLUTO FIORENTINO, BRAIN, ROMA, SAN MARZANO, HEINZ, PINEAPPLE, WILD GALAPAGOS, SIOUX, YELLOW PEAR, NEPAL, RED CHERRY, BLACK CHERRY, YELLOW CHERRY and WHITE CHERRY. Are you tired of the usual tomatoes? Then you've come to the right place, in fact, this is the fantastic Collection of 200 Tomato Seeds in 20 Varieties of Strange Seeds by Carlo Martini, rich in nutrients, 10 Seeds per variety, for a total of 200 Seeds. The Seeds are shipped in comfortable tear-off plastic bags with a standardized Label and Seed Passport. None of these seeds are GMO. They are Seeds that I have personally produced with my small individual company "Semi Strani di Carlo Martini" which produces Seeds with "Tuscan Regional Authorization 6170 / RUOP IT-09-06170", in Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy, therefore the Seeds are subjected to genetic checks to ensure the purity of what you buy. The seeds were produced during the last summer in Pistoia, so they are very fresh seeds and totally Made in Italy, you can sow them within two / three years by keeping them in the dark in a drawer in the original packaging, if instead you keep them in the fridge they will remain viable for more than 10 years. Access to the "Semi Strani di Carlo Martini" Cultivation Assistance Group on Facebook is included, where you can ask any question, ask for advice and publish your photos of vegetables born from Semi Strani, you are welcome, SUBSCRIBE HERE:


This is what you will receive:


- 10 Seeds of Italian Giant Tomato, a vigorous variety of Giant Tomato, a force of Nature, this plant can reach 3 meters in height and produce numerous large fruits that will even weigh one kg, with particularly rapid growth. The flavor of the fruits is sweet and well balanced with the right amount of acid, ideal for salads and sandwiches. Certainly the most productive and fun Tomato to grow in the World! You can see it here: Descriptive Video of the Italian Giant Tomato Plant of Semi Strani by Carlo Martini.


- 10 Seeds of Black Krim Tomato, an ancient Tomato, to be eaten fresh. The fruits are round and smooth, ripening they take on a purple red color, tending to black. It has an intense flavor and is rich in lycopene, one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature, all black tomatoes are rich in it, but this variety seems to be by far the richest Tomato in Antioxidants in the World, which means that it preserves from aging and helps the functions of the heart.


- 10 Seeds of Green Zebra Tomato, exquisite and rare Green Tomato with yellow streaks, something that explodes in the dish for taste and beauty, never goes unnoticed, anyone who sees and eats it will be amazed, for me, together with Indigo Rose, also present in this Seeds Collection, is the best Tomato in the World.


- 10 Seeds of Indigo Rose Tomato, a fantastic Purple Tomato developed in 2012 by Professor Jim Myers, at Oregon State University, to include Anthocyanins in fruits, which are natural antioxidants beneficial to our health, used natural and conventional breeding methods , which took 10 years, to achieve the black / purple color using a substance found in wild tomatoes from Peru and Galapagos. The plant grows to 2 meters, requires support, and produces abundant fruit in clusters of 6 to 8. You will find dozens of ways to eat these beautiful dark purple tomatoes that ripen both inside and out. Balanced flavor, sweet and acidic, very resistant to diseases is, in my humble opinion, the Perfect Tomato. You can see it in my Descriptive Video of the Indigo Rose Tomato of Semi Strani by Carlo Martini.


- 10 Seeds of Cherokee Purple Tomato, a very popular tomato in the United States, not only for its unusual red / purple color with green streaked shoulders, but also for its sweet and juicy flavor and for its very large sizes, in fact a fruit can measure up to half a kg. It is called so because it was cultivated by the mythical American Indians named Cherokee. Cherokee Purple is delicious eaten fresh, as a main dish with a little salt and oil, or in salads, bruschetta and sandwiches, in the United States a slice is often put in burgers. Personally one of my favorites. It has only been marketed in Europe since the 1990s, so you may still be the first in your area to grow them!


- 10 Seeds of Pink OxHeart Tomato, one of the most classic tomatoes in a lighter color, tending to pink variant. It produces large heart-shaped fruits as large as half a kg each. Ideal to be cut into slices. It is one of the most productive varieties and very easy to grow.


- 10 Seeds of Costoluto Fiorentino Tomato, very fragrant, with a globular, flattened and ribbed fruit, with an average weight of 150 grams. This variety is particularly appreciated for preparing salads, sauces and tomato puree and is originally from Tuscany. For how to use this tomato in the kitchen visit the Recipes page.


- 10 Seeds of Brain Tomato, is a splendid and very productive Tomato that gets sick with difficulty and with very tasty fruits that vaguely resemble the shape of a brain. Take a look at the Descriptive Video of the Brain Tomato Plant of Semi Strani by Carlo Martini.


- 10 Seeds of Roma Tomato, a fine variety with elongated fruits, about 80/100 grams per fruit, the skin is thin, the sweet taste prevails over the acid component. Easy to grow, resistant to leaf diseases, the plant is determined, dwarf, vigorous and very productive. It is widely cultivated because it is considered the best Tomato in the World to make sauces, preserves, peeled tomatoes and dried tomatoes, together with the San Marzano Tomato. also present in this fantastic Tomato Seeds Collection.


- 10 Seeds of San Marzano Tomato, the most classic of Italian Tomatoes, grown all over the world, it is the most used Tomato for preserves, sauces, peeled and dried tomatoes.


- 10 Seeds of Heinz Tomato, one of the most cultivated Tomatoes in the World, is well known, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, because the famous Heinz Ketchup is produced with this tomato. It produces many small to medium sized ovoid fruits.


- 10 Seeds of Pineapple Tomatois a very interesting tomato cultivar, the classic salad tomato shape, with large yellow streaks that make it beautiful and very tasty. For its yellow color it was called Pineapple. Look at the plant and the fruit in my descriptive video of the Pineapple Tomato.


- 10 Seeds of Galapagos Wild Tomato, it is an extremely interesting and rare wild Tomato, in fact it developed only in the Galapagos Islands (they are located in the Ocean and are part of Ecuador, look at the map in the photos to realize) where it is born in a wild way near the sea, in fact, among the many particular characteristics of this tomato, there is that of withstanding the presence of salt more than others, since it also grows spontaneously near the sea, which is why it is defined as "wild". rain well and is naturally disease resistant. It forms small, very tasty yellow / orange fruits with a sweet and sour taste, in theory the plant does not require pruning and is up to two meters high in a relatively bushy form. In fact, something unique is a Solanum Cheesmaniae. Check out my Video of the plant and fruit here: Wild Tomato of the Galapagos, plant, history and fruits of


- 10 Seeds of Sioux Tomato, it was developed and released by the University of Nebraska in the USA in 1944, this old tomato has a fabulous balance of sweet and sour and a rich and delicious flavor. One of the best known historical tomatoes, the medium / small sized fruits are productive and early, it was very popular until the mid-fifties and then fell into oblivion.


- 10 Seeds of Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato, is a robust plant, produces many small yellow tomatoes with a curious pear shape. It is an ancient European variety dating back to the 18th century. The fruit is rich in Vitamin A, B, C and mineral salts. Its consumption promotes an increase in the body's defenses against infectious diseases, prevents the formation of wrinkles and skin aging, promotes vision.


- 10 Seeds of Nepal Tomato, is a Cherry Tomato originating from Nepal, excellent for growing in colder areas and where the summer seasons are short, it produces lots of delicious and sweet Tomatoes.


- 10 Seeds of Red Cherry Tomato, the classic tomato with a typical cherry appearance, grows with herringbone clusters with round, small, red fruits and a high brix degree, simply one of the best. Ideal for making pasta or a fresh summer salad. Here is the descriptive video of the Red Cherry Tomato.


- 10 Seeds of Black Cherry Tomato, the black variant of the classic Red Cherry, rich in antioxidants and excellent flavor, extremely productive is, in my humble opinion, the best of the Ciliegini, unmissable.


- 10 Seeds of Yellow Cherry Tomato, the Yellow variant also called Golden of the classic Red Cherry, slightly acid flavor and very interesting in the plate at the chromatic level to give fantasy and color to your dishes. Watch my Video of the Yellow Cherry Tomato also called Golden or Gold Nugget.


- 10 Seeds of White Cherry Tomato, the white / ivory variant of the classic Red Cherry, a small tasty rarity and ideal to eat with fish and vegetarian dishes.


As you have read, this Collection of 200 Tomato Seeds in 20 Varieties, is something truly curious, extravagant and nutritious, a set of rarities that I am making available to you at a ridiculous price, also ideal to be given to some relative or friend who he has a vegetable garden, he will surely appreciate it very much.


For info on easy Germination and Cultivation see the Tomato Growing Guide.

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