Chili Peppers Seeds

Here is the List of all the Chili Seeds available! You can see the videos of each Pepper Plant from my Youtube Channel Semi Strani di Carlo Martini, on the page of each single Pepper you will find the link to the video of the Plant described, please subscribe to my channel!


Choose the Seeds I produced, during the last summer in Pistoia, Toscana, Italia, with my small Individual Company, Semi Strani di Carlo Martini, the Seeds are totally Made in Italy and very fresh. In this list you will find everything, from the spiciest to the tastiest, you are spoiled for choice among the dozens of Capsicum on offer.


If you need help with Germination and Cultivation check out my Guide to Growing the Hottest Chillies in the World.


To understand the degree of spiciness, refer to the Scoville scale present in each single description. The Scoville Scale indicates a number for each Chilli, abbreviated to SHU (Scoville Heat Units), which determines its spiciness in a nutshell, for example the classic Red Cayenne, which we can find in any supermarket, is around 30,000 Shu, while the Hottest Chilli in the World, Carolina Reaper Red, reaches 2,200,000 Shu, so a bomb that's almost 100 times hotter than a normal Pepper.


If you want to start your search for Chilli Pepper Species, here it is:



Capsicum Chinense - Very Hot Chili Pepper Seeds


Capsicum Annuum - Tasty Chilli Seeds


Capsicum Baccatum - Delicious Chilli Seeds


Capsicum Pubescens - The Rare and Tasty Black Seed Chillies from the Andes


Capsicum Frutescens - Tasty Chilli Seeds



While the one below is a List of Hot Chili Pepper Seeds from the Spiciest to the Least Spicy, continuously updated, each sachet contains 10 Seeds.

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Carolina Tiger


Borg 9 Red


Apocalypse Red


Sepia Serpent


Douglah Brown


Brown Bhutlah


Red Bhutlah


Yellow Bhutlah


White Knight


Big Black Mama


Pink Morich

1 - 60 of 228 results