Habanero Mustard


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The Habanero Mustard is a very spicy Chili Pepper on 300,000 Shu, which gives large harvests, the fruits are very large and at maturity they reach a color that changes from yellow to mustard. They are very tasty, have a fruity aftertaste that recalls citrus fruits, is considered by many to be the best of the Habaneros and is still relatively rare. It is the best of the Habaneros to prepare spicy sauces and barbeques.


The image of the plant is by Fabrizio Desiati, the image of the two fruits in hand is by Michele Matucci.


A packet of this particularly original colored Habanero contains 10 Isolated Seeds that will guarantee you a super harvest!


Habanero Mustard - Capsicum Chinense - 300,000 Shu

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