Black Pearl Pepper Classic Variant


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The Black Pearl in the Classic Variant is a beautiful Chili Pepper awarded in the USA in 2006 for its beauty. In theory it is considered an ornamental chilli but it is also edible and certainly very good and not too spicy. The leaves are deep purple, the flowers are purple and the pods have this small dark-colored ball shape, characteristics that gave the plant its name. The fruits turn from dark purple to red as they ripen. Over the years I have developed three types of Black Pearl, this one that what we can define as "the classic variant", then the Black Pearl in Cluster and the Black Pearl Variegated which, with a survey on the Semi Strani / Weird Seeds Facebook Group, we have baptized Psychedelic Black Pearl Variegated Pepper.


To see the plant in detail, look at my Video of the Black Pearl Pepper in the classic variant by Semi Strani by Carlo Martini


Here are the videos of the other alternative variants:


- Video of Black Pearl Pepper in Cluster by Semi Strani by Carlo Martini


- Video of the Psychedelic Black Pearl Variegated Pepper by Semi Strani by Carlo Martini


- Video of the 3 pheno of the Black Pearl Pepper by Semi Strani by Carlo Martini


One sachet of this beauty contains 10 Seeds that will guarantee you a great harvest.


Black Pearl Classic Variant - Capsicum Annuum - 30,000 Shu

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