Guide to choosing Soil Compost and Seedbed Propagator for Chili Peppers

Guide to choosing Soil Compost and Seedbed Propagator for Chili Peppers



A question I hear asked very often, in my Guide to Growing the Hottest Chilli Peppers in the World, for simplicity I suggest you use small plastic coffee cups or the following seedlings as jars:


Seedbed Propagator 200 cells


Seed Trays with Grow Light, 2 Pack 80 Cells Propagators for Plants with Heightened Lids, Adjustable Brightness Propagator, 3 Modes, 4 Timing, Seed Starter Tray for Seedlings


Once you have decided which seedbed is right for you, given that you already know where to buy the seeds and that is from ah ah ah you only need the soil to get started, I use the Brill Sowing Soil, the ones I suggest here they are the top of the top at a slightly high price, if you find something similar at a better price at your local Agraria, fine, otherwise take a look here:



Video that explains how to obtain excellent soil: How to obtain excellent DIY soil for repotting/transplanting chilli pepper seedlings


Video that explains how to understand if it is the right time to repot / transfer a chilli pepper plant.


When you sow, remember these fundamental points that have already been addressed several times:


- To ensure that any chilli pepper seed germinates, the temperature must be between a constant 22 and 24 degrees.


- The humidity must be around 90%, which can be achieved by placing a kitchen nylon film over the seedbed.


Once they have germinated you will have to expose them to light or lamps, they can remain in the usual seedbed or jar for two or three weeks, then you will have to transfer them into jars of approximately 7x7x10 cm, after which you can decide whether to transfer them into the so-called "intermediate pot" which usually it is one liter with measurements of approximately 10x10x16 cm or plant them directly in the ground, if we are already at the end of April / beginning of May or in the "definitive pot" which I remind you is at least 5 liters to obtain a sufficient harvest, but if we want to give a optimal situation for each individual plant, remember to give a 10 - 12 liter vase for the Capsicum Annuum and at least 15 liters for all the other Capsicums such as Chinense, Baccatum, Frutescens and Pubescens.


Video on choosing the right pot for growing chilli peppers: From the seedbed to the 20 liter pot for growing chilli peppers


Take a look at my Video in which I show you how to sow my precious chilli pepper seeds: How to sow super hot chilli pepper by Carlo Martini of


As repotting soil you can use one of those previously suggested by Vigor Plant which are excellent or the sowing soil you have leftover, or a classic universal soil, enriching it with the following elements: 5% AgriPerlite, 5% Expanded Clay and a handful of Leonardite for every 20 liters of soil.