Hello! I am Carlo Martini. I Grow my Chillies, Tomatoes, Pumpkins and other Weird and Giant Crops directly from Seeds. I do this with great Italian Passion because it gives me Joy and Peace, it makes me feel part of Nature. I pick the fruit personally by hand, and I extract the Seeds and i send them to You wherever You are in the World.

None of my Seeds are GMOs.

They are Seeds that I personally produced with my small Individual Company Semi Strani di Carlo Martini which produces Seeds in Pistoia, Italy, with the Tuscany Region Authorization Seeds Production 6170, therefore the Seeds are subjected to genetic controls to ensure the purity of what you buy. 

I extract the Seeds personally from the fruits, dry them using natural procedures that produce a germination capacity of over 99%, and send them in convenient sachets with a standard label. The Seeds  were produced during the previous summer in Pistoia, Italy, so they are very fresh Seeds and totally Made in Italy. You can sow them up to two or three years from the moment of receipt and if you keep them in the refrigerator, at a temperature of 4 Degrees Celsius, they will remain viable for at least 10 years. 

Shipment ALWAYS takes place within 1 or 2 working days from the time of payment with Posta 1 Pro only for Italy. For the Rest of the World I use the Priority International Mail Service by Italian Post Service with a traceable number, always in a padded and waterproof envelope, which usually delivers within 4 or 5 days throughout Europe (maximum two weeks) at a cost of 4.90 Euros - and in the rest of the World  (outside Europe) in 1 - 3 weeks at a cost of 5.90 Euros.

In this simple and humble site of mine You can buy all my Seeds, consult and print the Growing Guides of all the Seeds for sale written by myself. They are short and simple. You can also have all the Assistance You need, by writing to or calling me, or sending me a Whatsapp or Telegram to  the number +39 3284299041 during office hours from Monday to Friday. This is the Support Page where you will find all my data: Semi Strani Assistance

Payment can be done via Paypal or any Credit Card or Rechargeable Card (via the Paypal circuit, even if you have never registered or have never used it). This ensures security and speed of immediate payment. Alternatively you can pay by Bank Transfer. In that case the Seeds will be sent only once I have received the money, therefore usually within 1-3 days at the latest. 

If you need Gardening Equipment to the Cultivation of Chillies or Tomatoes, you will find on the following page everything you need: Grow Lamps, Heating Rugs and Cables, Soil, Pots, Fertilizers, Bio Products, Agriperlite, Expanded Clay, Leonardite, Manure, Insecticide, Fungicide, Grow Box, Neem Oil, Timer, Fan and Tester Ph: Growing and Gardening Equipment for Chilli and Tomato

For Assistance on Germination of Seeds or any technical questions on Cultivation, please sign up for free to my Private Support Group on Facebook, created specifically to give help to all those who buy Seeds from me. All of your questions will be answered and you can also share the photos of your plants: Cultivation Support Group Semi Strani di Carlo Martini on Facebook 

You will find some interesting Recipes here: Spicy and Non Spicy Recipes by Semi Strani 

Also follow my Youtube Channel where You can see all the Videos of the Chilli, Tomato and Pumpkin Plants and other vegetables grown from my Seeds: Youtube Channel of Semi Strani di Carlo Martini