Cutting Pitaya White Dragon Fruit 20 - 30 cm with roots

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In this ad I am selling a 20 - 30 cm (about 7 - 10 inches) White Pitahaya Cutting already with the roots, ready to be planted in a pot. Put some soil for cacti or citrus fruits in the pot, bury half of the cutting and put it in a place in half sun or, if it is very hot, totally in the shade, until it starts to give back. The plant should be kept indoors, near a window, when night temperatures approach 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), we can generally say that it is kept outside in the garden or on the terrace from the end of April to November and indoors from the end of November to April. When the following spring begins to have many fruits, consider putting it in a jar of at least 20 liters, it will come to make the famous fruit in a couple of years, if you are very good already from the following summer.


If you want the seeds instead of the cutting, you can find them here: White Pitaya Seeds


Pitaya in bloom Video: White Pitahaya in Bloom, the night that made the first Flower after 4 years of waiting by


The White Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit, is one of the most beautiful and tasty fruits in the world, still little known in the West, if you are lucky enough to find it in your hands it will bewitch you. The Pitaya plant itself is magical: it is a shrub belonging to the Cactus family, with large and beautiful white flowers. After the flowers open for just one night, they will lose the petals and begin the natural process that will lead to the fruit in a month. 


Here is the Video of the Pitaya Plant of Semi Strani by Carlo Martini.


See the Guide to Cultivating the Pitaya, the Fruit of the Dragon.


Many have tried to describe the flavor of this magical fruit, some say it mixes Kiwi, those with Strawberry, those with Pear, those with Passion Fruit, I would say that each of the 3 varieties has a different and very different flavor subjective and that simply does not add up to anything I had eaten before, for sure there is a fruit rich in nutrients: mineral salts, free radicals, antioxidants, with very few calories and which helps to eliminate excess fat.


There are 3 Variants: the White one, the Purple Pitaya and the Yellow Pitaya, the one on this page is the best known, namely White Pitaya or Pitahaya.


Given the size I can only ship to Italy with Bartolini Express Courier at a cost of 9 euros and the box can contain a maximum of 20 cuttings, you can also add any other purchase of Seeds always with the usual shipping cost. As you can see in the images it will be put with damp paper towels inside a plastic bag and then in the padded bag or box, in this state it will remain vital for many days, obviously if it arrives damaged, please notify me immediately and I will try to send you another one.


I can only send to ITALY.

20 - 30 cm (7 - 10 inches) Cutting with Roots of White Pitaya Dragon Fruit - Hylocereus Undatus

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