Rocoto Giant Red


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The Rocoto Giant Red is the famous Pepper of the Andes from the Black Seeds. It is a Capsicum Pubescens, known for thousands of years throughout Latin America, it is the Pepper that resists better at low temperatures in fact it survives up to 0 degrees. It can easily reach 2 meters in height and live even more than 5 years.


Watch my Video of the Black Seed Chili Plant, the Rocoto Giant Red.


As mentioned, it is particularly famous for being the only Chili in the world to have black seeds, which makes it still relatively rare and particularly sought after in Europe. In my shop you will find 3 types of Rocotò, this offer is relative to the Rocoto Giant and that is to the Red giant, the fruits are beautiful almost as big as a palm of a hand, as you can see from my photos and a dull red. Unfortunately, every plant produces few large fruits, thus making the production of Seeds more difficult, increasing their value. It has a good spiciness but not excessive that is around 80.000 Shu. Usually used to eat fresh or stuffed with meat, visit the Spicy Recipes page.


A sachet of this rarity contains 10 Isolated Black Seeds and will ensure a good harvest.


Rocoto Giant Red - Capsicum Pubescens - 80,000 Shu

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