Galapagos Tomato


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The Galapagos Wild Tomato is an extremely interesting and rare wild Tomato, in fact it developed only in the Galapagos Islands (they are located in the Ocean and are part of Ecuador, look at the map in the photos to realize) where it is born in a wild way near the sea, in fact, among the many particular characteristics of this tomato, there is that of withstanding the presence of salt more than others, since it also grows spontaneously near the sea, which is why it is defined as "wild". rain well and is naturally disease resistant. It forms small, very tasty yellow / orange fruits with a sweet and sour taste, in theory the plant does not require pruning and is up to two meters high in a relatively bushy form. In fact, something unique is a Solanum Cheesmaniae.


Check out my Video of the plant and fruit here: Wild Tomato of the Galapagos, plant, history and fruits of


One sachet contains 10 Seeds which will be more than enough to get a great harvest.


Galapagos Wild Tomato - Solanum Cheesmaniae

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