Tomato Cherokee Purple


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The Tomato Cherokee Purple is a very popular Tomato in the United States, not only for its unusual red / purple color with green streaked shoulders, but also for its sweet and juicy flavor and for its decidedly large sizes, in fact a fruit can can even measure half a kg. It is called so because it was cultivated by the mythical American Indians named Cherokee.


The Cherokee Purple is delicious eaten fresh, as a main dish with a little salt and oil, or in salads, bruschetta and sandwiches, in the United States often a slice is put in Hamburgers. Personally I consider it my favorite Tomato. It has been marketed in Europe only since the 90s, so you may still be the first in your area to grow them!


A sachet contains 10 Seeds that will ensure a huge harvest.


Cherokee Purple Tomato - Solanum Lycopersicum

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