Sunflower Giant Martini 50 Seeds


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This splendid Martini Giant Sunflower can reach 5 meters in height, it produces a beautiful large single flower. It is a lot of fun to grow because in the summer it grows steadily and you can see the difference every day. Very fun to put in the garden for children or to define a very nice natural enclosure to observe. It therefore has a more ornamental than food value, the seeds can still be toasted and eaten, they are very tasty and rich in nutrients. It is also very fun to grow in pots for children. In this offer I am selling 50 Giant Sunflower Seeds with which you can create a "natural wall" of flowers from 3 to 5 meters high!


GROWING GUIDE: The cultivation of sunflower is very simple, it must be done from April to June, I recommend sowing in small pots as large as plastic cups with simple universal soil. Place the seed in the center of the pot at a depth of one cm, water only once and leave the pot in the shade until the seedlings emerge, then expose to the sun and water every other day. Once the seedling is about ten cm large, plant it in the ground or in a final pot of at least 30 liters. If the pot is large enough and with good sun exposure, the Giant Sunflower will reach at least 3 meters in height, it will be very fun to watch it grow, especially for children. If you plant in pots more fertilizer will give, like a Npk 20-20-20, and the bigger it gets, if you plant in the field there will be no need for fertilizer if the soil is good.


Here is my video on How to extract sunflower seeds to sow them the following year or eat them.


A sachet contains 50 Seeds with which you can have 50 beautiful giant sunflowers.


Giant Sunflower Martini - Helianthus Annuus

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