Guide Growing Quintal and Halloween Pumpkin

Guide Growing Quintal and Halloween Pumpkin

The Quintal Pumkin is a Cucurbita Maxima while the Howden Pumpkin, commonly called Halloween Pumpkin, is a Cucurbita Pepo. I grouped them in the usual mini-guide because the things to do are the usual ones.


In the cultivation of this vegetable the soil is a fundamental element, those of medium texture are preferred, deep, loose, well-drained, rich in organic substance with good sun exposure and a neutral ph.


The best time for Germination is between April and June. To ensure the seeds a quick germination we proceed to soak in warm water for 2 - 4 hours, after which we plant every single seed, a seed per jar, directly in a jar, we use a classic seeding soil with a bit of pumice stone, I recommend buying a good soil at a specialized store. Plant with the point of the seed facing down, being careful not to push them too deeply, the opposite end of the seed must be visible from the surface of the jar. Keep everything in the house at a temperature of about 20 degrees and in dim light, in these conditions the seed should sprout in 4 or 5 days, after one or two weeks the plant will be ready to be placed in the garden.






Carlo Martini