Guide Growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

Guide Growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

The Atlantic Giant is the Largest Giant Pumpkin in the World obviously a Cucurbita Maxima and can reach over 1,000 kg, it goes without saying that it is not enough to put a Seed on the ground to obtain this result, but know that in the Genetics of the Seed of Semi Strani, there is the potential to reach that level. The photo you see on the left is the Giant Pumpkin obtained from my Seeds by the great Lithuanian Farmer Paulius Dob, who also got a great Carolina Cross Watermelon always with my Seeds.


In case you are looking for Atlantic Giant Seeds, I offer you these two alternatives:


Atlantic Giant Pumpkin: 01 Seed


Atlantic Giant Pumpkin: 03 Seeds



Obviously this variety cannot be grown in pots or on the terrace but it needs at least 20 - 30 square meters in the vegetable garden or garden.


To ensure the Seed a rapid Germination we proceed to soak in warm water for 4 - 6 hours, after which we plant in jars of one or two liters of capacity, with an excellent Compostkeeping them at home in a warm area, the ideal temperature for to germinate the Seed is 16/22 Celsius degrees, there is no need to use the Heating Mat, the best time for Sowing is April, but there are those who anticipate March. The Seed should be planted with the tip facing down, being careful not to push them too deep. The opposite end of the Seed must be visible from the surface of the jar.


In these conditions, Germination will take place in 4 - 5 days, look at the photos to understand the procedure:


Semi di Zucca Gigante Atlantic Giant - Guida alla Semina di Semi Strani di Carlo Martini    Semi di Zucca Gigante Atlantic Giant - Guida alla Semina di Semi Strani di Carlo Martini    Semi di Zucca Gigante Atlantic Giant - Guida alla Semina di Semi Strani di Carlo Martini    Semi di Zucca Gigante Atlantic Giant - Guida alla Semina di Semi Strani di Carlo Martini    zucca_atlantic_giant_piantina_05


Watch my video where I explain it clearly, put the sub on: Atlantic Giant Pumpkin How to Sow the Seeds from Semi Strany by Carlo Martini


In 7 - 15 days from germination the seedlings will be ready for transplanting into the vegetable garden or garden, it is advisable to place them in the ground when they are one meter long, but it is also good before.



Zucca Gigante Atlantic Giant pianta di un metro in campo in piena terra - Semi Strani di Carlo Martini



Before attaching the fruits it is important that the plant is well developed, the more leaves it has and the more it will be able to absorb energy from the Sun to enlarge the fruit and therefore the Pumpkin. The Germination period will be chosen considering that the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin ends its cycle in about 150 days, usually it is sown in mid-April, but there are those who start already at the end of March. Consequently, it will be important to stick to a schedule summarized as follows: it will take 60/70 days from germination to give the plant a good vegetative development. Remove the attached fruit too early, at least the first two, and choose an attached fruit 70 days after germination. Generally it is expected that the primary shoot on which we will grow the pumpkin has reached a length of about 3 meters, but for a record-breaking Pumpkin it must be at least 5 meters long. At this point 2 or 3 fruits will be attached and thinning will be carried out only after having identified the most beautiful Pumpkin to carry on. In about 90 days the pumpkin will reach its maximum weight. If the climatic conditions remain mild and the plant is still in shape, it is possible that the pumpkin will continue to grow even after 90 days from pollination.


Remember to give Copper Sulphate often to avoid leaf diseases.



Zucca Atlantic Giant pianta con frutto al campo - Semi Strani di Carlo Martini


In the Cultivation of this vegetable there are 3 Fundamental Factors: the Soil with adequate FertilizationWater and Solar Exposure.


Medium-textured Soils, deep, loose, well drained, rich in organic matter, with good sun exposure and with a pH tending to neutrality (7), initially used with nitrogen to develop the plant as much as possible are to be preferred. and when she attaches the fruit it will be time to use a fertilizer loaded with Potassium that will make the Pumpkin grow. Described in this way is something a bit generic, to have a perfect soil I recommend consulting an agronomist who can suggest you down to the smallest details which fertilization to use, how and when.


The quantity of Water with which you will water is decisive in the sense that you will have to water abundantly, without leaving the soil soaked.


The Solar Exposure must be as high as possible, to obtain excellent results you need a complete exposure, that is from sunrise to sunset.


The Atlantic Giant Pumpkin is edible, you can eat it in pieces or make a soup with it, but if your purpose is to grow a pumpkin to eat then I recommend the Pumpkin Marina di Chioggia, the Gourmet Chef Pumpkin called Australian Queensland, the Long Pumpkin of Naples or the Japanese Pumpkins, etc, you can find all the Pumpkin Seeds available here: Pumpkin Seeds - Semi Strani by Carlo Martini