Little Devil Calabrese


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The Little Devil Calabrese, in italian Diavolicchio Calabrese, is the spiciest of Peperoncini in the Mediterranean area, the fruit is small and turned upwards, the plant is bushy and produces many fruits, the taste is excellent and the spiciness decided, on the 50,000 Shu. This aromatic herb has many beneficial properties including arterial cleansing and cholesterol reduction. Among the Chilli peppers that do not fall into the Super Hot category, for me this is the best Pepper because it is suitable for any dish you want to make it spicy. In the kitchen it is particularly suited to Pasta Garlic, Oil and Chilli, Pizza Diavola and Spicy Oil of Olive, for any info visit the page of Spicy Recipes.


Watch the video of the plant here: Little Devil Calabrese Hot Chili Pepper / Peperoncino Diavolicchio Calabrese plant, pods and history of by Carlo Martini.


One sachet contains 10 pure Seeds that will allow you a great harvest.


Little Devil Calabrese / Diavolicchio Calabrese - Capsicum Annuum - 50,000 Shu

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